I maintain a "master" list of cosmic, SGR, and solar events which have been observed by the 29 spacecraft which have participated in the IPN since 1990.  The full list contains information on over 20,000 events.  Data can be extracted from it on various types of bursts.  The links below list the observations of confirmed and unconfirmed cosmic and SGR,  and confirmed solar gamma-ray bursts since the GRB experiment aboard Ulysses was turned on in November 1990. I update the list about once a month, but I do not post every update to this web site.

For more information, or visit the HEASARC to use their interactive version.

A gamma-ray burst is considered to be "confirmed" if one or more of the following criteria are satisfied.

1. It is observed by more than one instrument on one or more spacecraft.

2. It can be localized.

3. It has a spectrum consistent with a GRB.

4. It has a time history consistent with a GRB.

A solar, cosmic ray, SGR, TGF, or X-ray transient origin can be ruled out for confirmed events.

A gamma-ray burst is considered to be "unconfirmed" if one or more of the following is true.

1. It was observed by a single detector.

2. It cannot be localized.

3. It was recorded in an energy range (e.g. <10 keV) where its spectral properties can't be compared with GRB spectra.

4. It was recorded with a time resolution (e.g. 10s of seconds) which does not allow the time history to be compared with GRB time histories.

Unconfirmed events may be solar, cosmic-ray-induced, X-ray transients, Cygnus X-1, SGRs, or TGFs.  It is also possible that they are gamma-ray bursts observed by only one experiment, and below the thresholds of other instruments, or not observed by other instruments due to occultation, data gap, or high background. 

Similar definitions apply to confirmed and unconfirmed SGR bursts.

Cosmic Burst List

SGR Burst List

Solar Burst List

Possible SGR Burst List (bursts which are thought to be due to SGRs due to their time histories and/or energy spectra, but cannot be localized)

Unconfirmed Cosmic Burst List

If you are interested in a particular event, it may be possible to resolve its nature with further investigation.